A Prayer For Our Pastor


We bless you God, you are most WORTHY of our praise and abundant gratitude.
Thank you that we have a pastor that listens to your voice and follows your
word. Father, you are The Lord Almighty and you have put your words in our
mouths, especially the mouth of our pastor, Cameron, and hidden him and this
church safely within your hand. You are the one who says to Israel (us) You are
mine! (Isaiah 51:15-16) We thank You Holy Spirit for blessing us through worship
and teaching us what is best for us as you direct our paths (Isaiah 48:17). Give
us ears to hear and eyes to see O Lord. Jesus we pray that our pastor's soul
would find rest in You and he would be reminded that you are his refuge, and his
honor is dependent on you (Psalm 62). God we pray you grant YOUR strength to
your servants (Psalm 86:16) as our hearts are flooded with light so that we can
understand the wonderful future You have promised to those You called.We thank
you God that you have declared over us that we are your people and you are our
God (Ezekiel 14). Thank you God for pursuing us, and leading White Stone, from
picking the land, the founders, and finding just the right pastor to shepherd
your flock. We love you Jesus, in Your name we pray, Amen!