Will You Come With Us?

Over the next few weeks we will be placing special emphasis on our in-house missionaries; the Loggins, Violas, and the Boutins.  Each of these families has dedicated themselves to ministries on an international level, and we have the responsibility to help them in every way possible to fulfill this calling given to us in Matthew 28

On April 6th we will have a “Will You Come With Us?” Sunday to help raise additional funds for these families, and we need your help!  It will be a big event and I hope that you will plan to come and enjoy Christian fellowship with a lunch, inflatables for the children, good music, and an Easter basket auction along with a few extra dollars to help them reach their financial goals.  God will bless our church as we do everything we can to send these families on the mission field supported by our prayers, finances and encouragement.

I look forward to seeing you at this special event for White Stone Church and our missionary families.